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Vacation Rental

Vacation Condos

Our listed condo properties are just a sample of popular condos that we rent regularly and are easily available to our clients. Vacation condo rental is not like hotels; there’s limited availability and you need knowledgeable experts to navigate the different levels of quality available. Look through our listings and, if you’re new to condo vacation rental, make sure to read our “Condo vs Hotel Room Comparison” page to get a better picture of the many values renting a condo provides over a simple hotel room or suite.

Luxury Villas

Whether by the name of villa, residence club, or distinguished properties, all “Villas’”are luxury leisure assets of superb distinction and quality far surpassing traditional resort accommodations. Offerings range from the rustic and traditional villa in the European countryside, worldwide historic castles and manors, mountain chalets and cabins, to even full-charter yachts. Typically, a villa takes the form of a large home or luxury apartment, from at least 2 or 3 to several bedrooms, with many including guest houses, staff apartments, gardens, and grounds.

For the ultimate in space, quality, location, and amenities, consider upgrading to a Villa. Our portfolio features lavish villas not available anywhere else and other “Member’s Only” Residence Club and Yacht Club access. Amazingly, however, villa rental is not limited to only the rich and famous; Pride Travel has many options for villas and retreats in all price ranges and occupancy levels, making the rate per person an attractive value for get-togethers as well. Please inquire personally about these exclusive vacation experiences.