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Palm Springs Marquis Villas

Pride-Travel-condo-Palm-Springs-California-resortOne of a few resorts in the heart of Palm Springs, steps from it all.

The best seat in the house, Marquis Villas sits in an unrivaled location in the heart of Palm Springs and 5 minutes walk from anywhere you want to be downtown. Accommodations are classically decorated in muted dark tropical patterns that are reserved and contemporary at once. This resort is situated literally kitty korner to Palm Spring’s Gay and Lesbian social hub, Hunters Bar and the Cactus Club. Travelling with family or children? Not to worry, our Hetero FriendlyTM vacation specialists have all the details. *Ask our vacation specialists about our personal experiences here!

Unit Type

Total Rate Incl.
Tax from

Average Daily
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Two Bedroom
Condo (sleeps 6)




One Bedroom
Condo (sleeps 4)





Fact Sheet

Prices listed represent our average weekly rental rates, inclusive of taxes. We provide you an average daily and daily “Compare To Rate” which subtracts out the included taxes (averaging 18%) so you can accurately compare to hotel or resort rates. Please note that units and rates are at all times subject to availability at the resorts. Lastly, if you are new to condo vacation rental, make sure to read our “Condo vs Hotel Room Comparison” page to get a better picture of the many values renting a condo provides over a simple hotel room or suite.