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Sample Projects

Most of our clients prefer confidentiality and non-disclosure. While we typically cannot name them, we can provide the following brief sample of projects our agile team has worked on:

Canadian boutique hotel: refurbished property wanted to stabilize occupancy by tapping into the lucrative lgbt travel segment. Worked with us to build a 3 year roadmap for their management team to execute in order to prepare, market and sell their rooms.

USA-based tour operator: Established client with decades of experience selling mainstream tours to Americans and Canadians traveling to Europe tapped us for assistance in analyzing and retooling their mature product to be customized and marketable to the gay and lesbian community.

Major Asian country: Mature market for gay travelers already, we partnered with this destination to produce a year long campaign designed to increase inbound gay travelers from the USA to the destination. Plan included social media, online marketing, and traditional print outlets.