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Gay cruise: Amsterdam to Barcelona

Posted in Rivers and Oceans

Sail between Europe’s two most famous gay capitals, Amsterdam and Barcelona, on an incomparable journey to the most fascinating...

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Gay Puerto Vallarta: A Travel Guide

Posted in Sun and Sand

Every year Puerto Vallarta seems to become more popular as a gay vacation spot.  With a great climate, beautiful ocean bay, beaches,...

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Two weeks in Fabulous Thailand, the Land of Smiles

Posted in Ruins and Antiquities, Sun and Sand, Trek and Trail

Thailand has long been a destination that welcomes everyone with a smile. Because of its Buddhist mores and culture, the kingdom has been a...

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Colorful Cusco & Machu Picchu

Posted in Trek and Trail

Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Light blue. Blue. Purple. Seven colors of the flag of Cusco. More than seven experiences you’ll be taking...

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7 night Caribbean Sailing Yacht Charter

Posted in Champagne and Caviar, Villas, Mansions, Yachts and Castles

Now you can access a members-only exclusive sailing charter in the Caribbean. The itinerary below can be customized by you and your captain...

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3 Night Las Vegas Spa Getaway

Posted in Champagne and Caviar

Tall, slim and sleek, Encore stands side-by-side with Wynn hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Both signature resorts from Wynn Resorts Chairman...

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