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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite simple, really, and goes something like this:

We never sell your personal or contact information. We don’t share it either, though we do request mailings from our brand-name travel partners on occasion, which always bears our name and contact information. We limit the amount of group emails and mailings; you can expect on average 1-3 per month, if that, unless there’s some really, really pressing special offer or sale we feel you should know about. Who has time to read more emails than that anyway, right?

If at any point you wish to be removed from our mailings, simply email your request to us at ###…CLICK TO REVEAL… OR, better yet, we can change your email from your work one to your personal, send you only postal mail if you don’t like e-clutter, or send you only emails if you’re worried about your carbon footprint.

We hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your business, and will treat your contact information with the respect it deserves. Our best business is through word-of-mouth advertising and our goal is to make you happy, provide useful emails, mailings, and information.